ABOUT janet torelli

janetAn invitation to a party given by me promises bountiful food and wine, a beautiful table, the right music, and interesting company.

As a collector of antique dishes, glasses and silverware, my table is lovely! However, when I could not find suitable pieces, I decided to design my own. My frustration has turned into a handcrafted  sterling silver empire of ice/serving tongs, dessert servers, spoons, martinipics, and other cocktail accoutrements, napkin rings, and grillable skewers. ‘Jewelry for the Table’ (R) can be lusted for at www.janettorelli.com, and www.martinipic.com.

When feeling like my entertaining acumen was getting rusty, I formed an urban diner club. Sixenplace (a French play on words for ‘six in their place’) is a sit down dinner of ‘perfect strangers’. The first six to rsvp from a growing list are the fortunate guests for the gathering. Each year, this is a ‘mingle’ — where all members have an opportunity to meet. Guests are pleasantly rewarded with the warmth and graciousness of home entertaining. This is an overlooked art in today;s busy schedules.


I hanap_ringve perfected my annual holiday ‘trim the tree’ party, where I make and serve ‘stand- up hors d’oeurves — providing a fork-free party –for 25 to 50 guests.

With my aesthetic ability for setting a luscious table, culinary skills and interest in the grill, I have taken the party outdoors! You, too, can be present at your own party. My creative recipes and attractive presentations benefit from advance preparation, allowing the chef/hostess to be outside with the grill and the guests!