I first saw the Big Green Egg at a friend’s house in Connecticut.bigeggjanet

Tom said most of his neighbors had an Egg, and many a summer night would be spent at a neighbors‘,”Egging”.

I decided my grill-monster husband had to have oneInitially, Greg and the Egg didn’t bond the way I had anticipated.

(“Charcoal??”) He was very attached to his default gas grillUnderstandably, he had used it so many times he could grill in his sleepBut the Big Green Egg was new and different and it required new and different thinking.

I was determined to prove the virtues of the Big Green Egg to my husband and beyond.

I came home one day and announced I’m going to teach grilling classes on the Big Green Egg”. Greg smiled and answered, “But Janet you’re a great chef and hostess, but you have never grilled before-on the Big Green Egg, or any other grill!”

” I know.” I replied completely unaffected by his truth.

I was already bursting with ideas for the Big Green EggFilet mignon. of course, an obvious choiceBurgers, pork chops, and chicken are known to benefit from the Egg’s ceramic genius-but the hostess extraordinaire was taking over.

My ‘Egg-session’ was to serve all courses from  the Big Green Egg! And so they appeared, grilled appetizers, grilled salads, grilled meats, grilled fruits and desserts-all creatively manifested on the Big Green EggGreg has since fallen in love with the Big Green Egg and has begun his own ‘BGE Challenge’. He is currently perfecting his slow-cooked barbecued baby back ribs and thin crust pizza.

The Big Green Egg is fun and so easy! Now I enjoy demonstrating how, with a little ‘avant-preparer’. an entire meal can be cooked on the Big Green Egg.

Why does this matter? Because it allows the chef and hostess to be where the fun is outdoors.

With the guests and the BIG GREEN EGG.